Changing out the Grille and Slam panel 2011 Aston Martin Vantage

Cosmetic Grille and Slam panel changes


In this section, we will cover the cosmetic changes I made to the front end of the vehicle. This is the gray aluminum nose section or also called the slam panel. This is the part that has the number plate, it will need to be removed carefully to replicate the process.

Main goal

The grille and slam panel are a matte gray from the factory, definitely needing improvement. The easiest was to do this, was to take the nose slam panel and grille off the car.


The slam panel is very easy to take off, just open the hood and see 11 Torx bolts, remove those and off comes the slam panel, To prepare for powder coating, we carefully removed the number plate with a nylon tool to avoid denting the soft Aluminum.

The grille slats just press into the brackets, so what I did was to label each one as I took it off (first one I labeled was (top, top right side), I took each slat off one by one and labeled them properly to avoid confusion. After the slats were off it was easy to find the remaining grille bolts and remove them.

Powder coating and Painting

Due to the different materials being involved, I needed to powder coat the slam panel and the grille slats, while using automotive base/clear on the plastic grille guides.  Plastic parts generally do not get powder coated, so that would have been a poor option,

The powder coating came our phenomenal, including powder coating the Tork bolts for the slam panel


Reassembly was pretty straightforward, I bolted the grille spacer blocks back onto the Aston (making sure to reinstall them corresponding to the labels I made). The grille slats went in next, they just firmly push into the grille blocks in the proper order they were labeled.

The slam panel just bolts back on, being careful of the shiny new powder coated Tork bolts (not to scratch them) and you are almost done!

The final step is to clean the adhesive off the back of the old number plate and reapply another adhesive. I used a 3m product for emblem adhesive that worked really well and you are done!!

Thank you to the guys at Heritage Austin for the help painting the grille blocks,