Fun day on Lake Travis 

Fun day skiing with some crazy guys on Lake Travis.  We just needed to find a boat full of crazy girls so it wasn’t overloaded with testosterone ūüėÜ

Fun in the sun, out on the lake.  Life doesn’t get much better 

Is it a blog post or page

Is is a blog post or page

This is the question that haunts me constantly, do I write a post or page. So, I think I finally found an answer for myself, so I can stop changing my site and confusing Google.

The back story so this makes sense

A few years ago I started a Bitcoin news site, that started with my typical writing style. I was really focused on news that changed fast in Bitcoin and it worked for my style of short articles and a few pictures. This was my first real experience with a website of any magnitude and I fumbled around as best I could. As Bitcoin grew in size, the site did too, and I started dealing with issues and competition in an area I had little practical knowledge.

Instead of writing short informative articles that were to the point, I started trying to write longer articles to rank for keywords. I became frustrated that a news agency with a canned half written article that was flat-out wrong could gather massive amounts of views and hits.

Unrelated content

As I started trying to keep up with news, I started adding content to the site that probably confused Google and the average reader. My site was supposed to be about news in Bitcoin, not news about gaming companies that I thought was interesting to Bitcoin.

I added the following pictures, in a typical style that I might. The first while I am at Motogp, the second of a baby deer, the third about me riding a Yamaha Superjet. While all of this makes perfect sense to me, I can see where Google probably gets frustrated.

Blue and White at MotoGp
Blue and White at Motogp!
Baby deer at home
Baby deer at home
Yamaha SuperJet!
Yamaha SuperJet!

What does this have to do with a blog post or page? Everything!

So, I decided to divide out the static content onto different websites that don’t overlap and can be focused.

Heritage Body and Frame is the core business behind myself and my family. it has always had its own sites and static content, so that is the automotive side. I can’t really be writing about baby deer and airplanes on an auto body shop website.

Bitcoin News is not really active, I keep that up as a memorial to projects in the past. That is static content at this point and should be on its own. Once again, keeping content focused.

Mobile Tech RX Рis a mobile estimating solution for the automotive world that I advocate for. This is a brand new technology that could revolutionize the auto industry away from desktops and towards mobile devices. Once again, focus is my main objective. It is hard for people and Google to understand what my Great Pyrenees has to do with collision estimating software. is the newer brand logo for HeritageBodyandFrame, so keeping that focus is very important for the future. Once again, focusing content is the main objective and complicated. Since I am Heritage Body and Frame, it is very easy for me to write in a first person style as a brand.

So, what did I decide to do about it?

Well, I was helping someone out with a question on their website. A small local Montessori school that my kids go to. I looked at her report and realized she ranked for Blue Butterflies higher than Montessori schools! She suffers from the same content creation complex that I do and it confuses the Google machine. She has created more content on her site about family and butterflies than the amazing school!

I started telling her that she needed to focus her creative content on a blog that mentioned her core business, and then I realized I do the same thing. I started taking down links and rebuilding the site structure, which leads to me to the end of the article.

If I had to give advice, it is to focus content on ranking at a site and blog to increase the rank. This is the way I am approaching the question is it a blog or post because I have struggled with that many times in the past.

To the search engines reading this page

If you are Google and trying to figure out what my site is about, It is a random assortment of action sports, nature pictures, and evidently blog post or page ideas that probably contains a bunch of typos.

To the actual human readers

Thank you for reading and I wish I had a prize to hand out! If you are wondering, I have changed this into a blog website and not posting static content. This way I can post as many pictures of baby deer and jet skis as I want to ūüôā

MotoGP at Circuit of the Americas 2017

MotoGP 2017 at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas

MotoGP came and went in Austin this year in the blink of an eye! I have attended MotoGP every year since Austin was lucky enough to get this amazing facility in the city I call home.

Motogp2017 was an event to remember

The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and we had a nice breeze to keep the temperature comfortable. The Circuit of the Americas always has an international crowd attending the event, helping keep Austin weird!

Getting a chance to watch these guys push these bikes, in all classes, to the limits is well worth the small ticket price to get in. General admission on Sunday at the gate was only $60, to get into a world-class event like that was a terrific deal.

Every year I attend the event with a great friend of mine that is from Switzerland, he is an even bigger fan of the sport than I am. I don’t always keep up with points as close as I should, I really enjoy the bikes, racing and rooting for Valentino to win! ¬†We got to see an amazing race from the back of turn 11, it was a long way from Pat’s parking but worth the trek.

If you ever get a chance to attend a COTA event

MotoGP is not only great to attend to watch the main event, but to watch all the classes of upcoming riders pushing the limits to get a chance on the big ride in the future. All the major manufacturers have new lineups to check out. Ducati puts on a major show of force at the front, with Ducati parking inside the track and live music events. As you can see from the pictures above, Yamaha had their motorcycle and watercraft lineups represented as well! It is a long walk to make it all the way around the track to see everything, but it is always worth it.

We always park at Pat’s parking right outside of Parking lot T, ¬†besides supporting a local parking area, they also have some great tacos and fajitas to start and end the day. It is a great place to sit,¬†grab a¬†cold drink and support a local business while you attend a worldwide event.

Overall it was another great event at COTA and looking forward to Formula One later in the year!